NAV 2007: A Nightmare

It started two days ago.  The initial scan run by the install hung (all night Sunday night).  I turned off my PC and restarted.  I ran the install again without the pre-scan. It seemed to install everything.  But after all the updates ran from Live Update,  Norton didn’t load on the reboot after the Live Update (which took longer than I can remember).

Als0,  my IE7 won’t browse ,  and I can’t close it without “End Process” from the Task Manager,  so it seems that maybe there’s aproblem with somethign an update tried to put into my IE7.  Firefox still browses fine.  I’m Googling Norton AntiVirus Problems IE7 right now. Anybody out there have experience.  Norton isn’t exactly the most efficient solution out there,  but I’ve never had it cause such a problem.  When I try to do uninstall from the Remove Programs in Control Panel,  it pops up a box that says that an installer is already running, and to wait.  Well,  that was the same thing it said last night at 1am before I went to bed.  So now I am running the Norton Removal Tool which finally succeeded after about 90 minutes in uninstalling all the NAV stuff.  It hung for most of that time at about two bars while it displayed ” Removing Products….Unregistering LiveUpdate Group”, and has been at that point for about an hour now.  Last night it was about an hour or so before it finally moved on and finished its process.

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