“Discarded intellectual” part 2 “Theologians of Networked Community” #WiredChurch

Another “Discarded intellectual” group that is sorely needed by the church,  is the “theologian of network technology”.  It is kept from playing a significant  role largely because the church organizations have followed the market tendencies in technology to the exclusion of sound theological discernment about how to let the “Social” actually BE social.  It has much to do with theological Continue Reading

#YouVersion, Church Online, SM Worship, #SMChurch?

The advent of YouVersion (no pun intended on the use of “advent”) has always ,  since first hearing of it and hearing users talk about it,  raised some interesting Sociological/Ecclesial questions for me. It’s very similar to what I was thinking about when the Web and before that,  Computer Mediated Communications,  first hit.  It was thinking about what online communications Continue Reading

Rheingold on Learning From Each Other #ChurchSocial #virtualcommunity

Here is a lesson not only for companies but for churches and their umbrella organizations That, to me, is the most important meaning of the "social" in "social media" — that we are not just amplifying our minds and showing off for each other, we are learning and organizing, creating, innovating, building, liberating together. Global Neighbourhoods: SM Global Report: Howard Continue Reading