Categories and Tags

After converting my categories to tags in WordPress 2.3,  I still have a backup of my old categories and their assignment to various posts,  and plan on adding them back in as Categories,  and keep all the newly assigned former categories also as tags.  I see a slight difference in them,  unlike what is implied in this setup in WordPress.  Continue Reading

Open namespaces for tags

In the comments on a post from JOHO (David Weinberger),  this caught my eye.  I have been devoting myself to figuring out, once and for all,  what the best way to “fix” my WordPress blog for tagging will be.  Not sure if your readers know that they can also scope a tag search on Technorati to just list posts from Continue Reading

WordPress 2.3 and Windows Live Writer Beta 3

Article that tells how to get new WordPress tag support working in WLW b3. Seems to work (notice the Tag list below this post). Now I’m going to become a tagging monster. I also upgraded my K2 theme to a new version when I upgraded to WordPress 2.3.  Things seem to be working nicely.  I decided to try a three Continue Reading

WordPress Tag Support?

I’m a bit miffed at WordPress claiming to have added tagging to the new 2.3.  I am running 2.3, but I find that I have to add code to actually add the feature.  I expect to have a tag cloud in the sidebar and tag listings below each post.  Community Server  does this (btw,  I’m still working with getting my Continue Reading