Importing Into Community Server

I have an installation of Community Server 2007 up on my host at  It is a nice system.  It has a “mirror” function that enables me to have a blog there by virtue of RSS aggregation (in this case,  the aggregation is just one feed, my main RSS feed for

It shows up on my “What’s new” section on the front page

The actual blog address is


Community Server has gotten further than WordPress on many things,  including tagging.  I have been waiting and waiting for a working import mechanism.  Someone created a plugin for WordPress that enabled me to export my WordPress blog as BlogML,  but the import into Community Server times out.  Maybe I have too many posts (over 4000 now). 

I also like that Community Server is in dotNet C#,  which will motivate me to learn more dotNet.  My hope is that I can do a dual blog with both WordPress and CS 2007,  and find ways to integrate the two even further via RSS sharing from one to the other.

I also am getting Adobe Web Premium CS3 (which is the new Dreamweaver and company,  which has both Fireworks and Photoshop as well as Flash and Dreamweaver,  and there’s all kinds of cool AJAX toolsets from Spry built into Dreamweaver CS3.  Hopefully these tools will get me going on things I can add to both CS2007 and WordPress to share RSS with each other.

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