Thesis Theme Newbie Now #wpthesis #wp

I have just installed the Thesis theme.  I paid some money for it,  having seen some demos and heard many people praise it.   I am now looking at how I can set up my “Pages” like “Church of the Saviour”,  which has its own subpages and some of those have several subpages under them.   I have discovered the Pages sidebar widget,  which allows me to omit a list of page ids from the list that shows up. 

I am wondering if there is a “best” way to have the “Church of the Saviour” page automatically show it’s own subpages in its sidebar,  and the child pages show the parent page as well as any of its own “child” pages.  Seems like this may be in the options somewhere,  or in a plugin or extension or hack for Thesis.  In the K2 theme I have been using for about 4 years now,  I wrote some custom sidebar and customer comments calls for some pages that I created that show the correct sidebar links.  So I will be hunting how I can "translate” that into the world of Thesis.

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I am a Web developer with a background in theology, sociology and communications. I love to read, watch movies, sports, and am looking for authentic church.

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