Messing with my Comment system (IntenseDebate) #intensedebate #wordpress #wp

I’m trying to get Intense Debate installed as my WordPress comment system.  It seems to be everything I want and more in really getting my comments integrated with Twitter, Facebook,  FriendFeed and the whole world of Social Media.  But,  alas,  it didn’t go smoothly.  I have some WordPress errors

Fatalerror:Cannot redeclare class services_json in \mywebhost\wp222\wp-includes\class-json.php on line 115
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: encodeunsafe() in \mywebhost\wp222\wp-includes\compat.php on line 136

It looks like the class declaration for services_json was put into my class-json.php file by an earlier plugin or something,  or something is messed up about the place where the call is made.   I’m not familiar with the functions in WordPress and its various pieces,  so I’m Googling what others have found,  and sent my report to Intense debate. 

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  1. dlature Post author

    Seems everything is working now. Yeah! It took a lot of deactivating and reactivating with certain plugins. Now its time to find out how to fix my Pages and SubPages Sidebar Navs in the Thesis theme.

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