@Intense Debate Installed – tweaking settings

I finally , after much deActivation and Re-Activation in several different orders,  and re-installing the WordPress plugin,  I finally got all the way through the install without error.  A test last night still has problem with my Twitter login and comment continuing to be held in the Moderation queue,  when I thought I had set it up to auto approve any comment by a user who has a previously approved comment.   Still investigating.   Good looking App though,  with lots of integration of its threaded discussions with Social Networking.

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  1. dlature Post author

    Arggghhh! Thanks for the bad news Michael. 🙂

    Since I like the look and the feature set, I 'll keep it installed since it took me a while before everything started working. Think I must have had some bad ftp connection for uploading theplugin, since attempt #3 finally got it working. But RATS! I really want to get my comments approvals down to one for users I approve, and I wanted to open up conversation here to other logins. Oh well. I'll be watching.

  2. Michael Koenig

    Thanks for the post. Sorry to hear that you encountered issues. I responded on twitter, but figured I'd jump in here (easier to have more than 140 characters).

    I checked your settings and you currently have your post settings to automatically approve comments that have been written by IntenseDebate users. This feature only applies to IntenseDebate users, so when you have it enabled it will require all Guest comments to go into moderation as well.

    Unfortunately we don't currently track comments submitted by guest so you will need to moderate all Guest comments, which at the moment includes comments submitted via Facebook Connect and Twitter Sign-in. You can view your settings at http://intensedebate.com/edit-site-moderation . You can require commenters to create an ID account in order to post, and then this auto-approve setting will applied. Sorry for the inconvenience. This will be changing soon to include Facebook Connect and Twitter.

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