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I just added an OPML list widget that displays an entire OPML file as a blogroll type list (in this case,  the “MethoBlogroll”).  Problem is that many OPML lists don’t have the htmlUrl element,  which enables the OPML display to show the Title Text as a link to the home page of the item for which the RSS is given in the XmlUrl attribute.  Seems like there ought to be an online tool somewhere that I can feed into and have it generate for me a newly enhanced OPML with the new html Url attribute that it can get by visiting the RSS file and grabbing the link tag value of the channel section.  I started just grabbing the value by browsing to each RSS link,  but I didn’t even finish the A’s before I said “this is too much”.

As you can see,  lower right of this blog’s sidebar,  that the OPML display has links for as far as I got,  and stops there.


Update:  It seems that if one imports one’s feeds from say IE7,  into Google Reader,  then export them back out,  the htmlUrl element is there.  Let me try that with the Methoblogroll.  I have putmy own Google RSS feed’s OPML export inplaceof my MethoBlogRoll display inthe OPML widget.

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