Help me with Custom Post Types, WordPress! Please!

I realize that any given plugin are not “RESPONSIBLE” for problems that derive from what is really WordPress core.  I posted here and in CPT UI only because I knew a key person in the CPT UI team, and they put me in touch with one of the other key people there.  That’s a great plugin, BTW.  Been using it Continue Reading

Custom Posts and WordPress Admin UI needs

I had thought I had solved the problem of all the back end coding that is STILL (after more than a year) required to use Custom Post Types. I had added a plugin called Custom Post Type UI, but apparently it doesn’t really do the back end things that would enable other apps that are supposed to play nice with Continue Reading

Researching WordPress Custom Post Types and RSS feed/Calendar issues #WPcustomPostTypes

As I have begun doing posts of type “occupytheology”,  I see that the RSS feed does not include them.  I was hoping for an option somewhere,  but it seems WP still hasn’t done much to make the Custom Post Types “administer-able” without Plugins.  I found a Calendar widget for Custom Post Types,  but the links to the Date Archive don’t Continue Reading