CNN does “novelty” piece on Online Church #churchonline #SMChurch

I have to wonder if there is anything lost in translation?  Or ,  HOW MUCH is being lost (I think quite a bit gets lost,  and I also think there are SOME interesting EXTENSIONS/add-ons  to be found as well.  )  But this CNN piece (2 minutes and 44 seconds is in no way a “treatment”…it is a ,  like I Continue Reading

#YouVersion, Church Online, SM Worship, #SMChurch?

The advent of YouVersion (no pun intended on the use of “advent”) has always ,  since first hearing of it and hearing users talk about it,  raised some interesting Sociological/Ecclesial questions for me. It’s very similar to what I was thinking about when the Web and before that,  Computer Mediated Communications,  first hit.  It was thinking about what online communications Continue Reading