Sharing Struggles via the Blog and Beyond

 On the inward/outward blog ,  a post of mine has been posted and generated several comments today.  My post Going With the Flow,

elicited an email from Kayla at COS, asking if she could use this post on inward outward, and I was happy to see my post strike a chord with Kayla,  and with some commenters.  I had, in this post,  commented on an excerpt from a sermon of Gordon Cosby that had been posted at inward outward a couple of weeks ago,  and linking to that quote had registered , via the trackback mechanism in WordPress,  as a comment on inward/outward.  This is the kind of thing that sparks my enthusiasm for some of the “perks” of online communication.  It enables such “widening” of conversation.  And hopefully eventually,  lead to real flesh and blood meetings of people seeking authentic church where they are.

Going With the Flow at inward/outward

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