Is Blogging Passe’?

I’ve had a sense that something major is up……things seem “crowded” and , no surprise,  really commercialized.  EVERYBODY is doing their own “My Space”,  or trying to , or thinking they should.  Shel Israel,  co-author of Naked Conversations,  blogs about it. 

I have no idea whether or not blogging is in decline or not. Nor so I know whether or not A-lister are sinking further down the alphabet. Many of us would feel relieved if that were to happen. For me, I love having conversations with people and I hate being pitched. So a lower letter would be comfortable.

I am more agnostic than you may think about the rise or fall of blogging. Naked Conversations focused on blogging because, way back in 2005, blogging was the only social media power tool. It’s a very different story now.

I am definitely in one of those cycles right now that I would be declaring a “Blog-a-batical” or “hiatus” right now ,  but I don’t because I just remain content to let blogging be what it’s always been for me: an outlet.  I am certainly much happier when I’m getting comments or “linked” from elsewhere,  but even though I am definitely posting less,  I still have the urge to comment or react,  or to broach a subject.  So here I am,  whatever my Technorati ranking may be,  however deserted my comments seem to be.

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