MT takes 90 seconds to save a new post

This has been getting steadily worse. I’m not sure what the cause is. There is a “Dynamic Publishing” feature that seems to be related to this, but MT’s online documentati on is rather unclear. Any good tutorials out there, or experience among those of you with MT experience?

12:22pm I turned on the setting that says :” Selecting the publishing model on a per template basis is a multi-step process that begin with selecting the third option, “Set each template’s Build Options separately.” Let’s see what that does. (Gulp). 1:08 pm……I am in the midst of rebuilding everything again, since the switchover resulted in a renaming of all archives files to filename.oldextension.static So I turned off that setting and am going back to the old. I did rebuild the index file so that it would rebuild those links (I think I did—- but the point is, that the MT dynamic publishing is not for the less-than-extremely-geeky.)

It might be getting close to the time to move to WordPress. I don’t want to have to do that, if I can find the solution to this massive slowdown (I have about 3000 posts). The Blog applicaiton world is getting big and intimidating. I’ll resist moving from MT as long as I can.

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