Comment Woes

The Type Key authentication for comments here at my blog seems to be having difficulty. I received a couple of emails from people saying they were unable to comment , even after creating a TypeKey account. I cannot even comment myself after clearing my cookies. Something has blown up, it seems , on either my blog’s installation , or at TypeKey, or my host did something to permissions or something.

Anybody else with MT 3.2 blogs having problems, or commenting on a 3.2 system?

This is causing me to renew my thoughts about moving it all to WordPress. MT also needs to provide a set of instructions on how to do the “dynamic template” thing , which uses some PHP files to pull archive files. My MT installation has been taking an inordinate amount of time to save a new post (since it is writing and re-writing all the sidebars, etc.)

Anyway, any hints or suggesitons about this woulld be greatly appreciated. If any of you who have commented before might try it to see if you have problems, that would help too. I’m still trying to pinpoint the source of this problem.

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