Showing Most Recent Posts in an MT Category

I would like to show, on my sidebar, the most recent posts in my Authentic Church category, which I have set up as a sub-category under Church of the Saviour

Perhaps also even show the first couple of lines from the post aside from the title.

I would also like to customize the Archives Template so that when one of the Authentic Church posts is being displayed, a different template is shown from the default. (This might even prove to be handy for other uses, like showing related info in the sidebars of those pages, like the Church of the Sacviour Category, or Books, or whatever.

Any ideas?

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I am a Web developer with a background in theology, sociology and communications. I love to read, watch movies, sports, and am looking for authentic church.

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  1. Dave

    And here is to show just one category. You will have to make your own title for the category, as I am not sure how to pull just the category for the titles. Just replace “blog questions” with the title of the category you want to show, and replace the “3” with the number of posts you want listed. Hope this makes sense.

    &ltMTEntries lastn=”3″ category=”blog questions”&gt
    &ltdiv&gt&lta href=”&lt$MTEntryLink$&gt”&gt&lt$MTEntryTitle$&gt&lt/a&gt&lt/div&gt

  2. ericisrad

    If you knew PHP and MySQL and your apache handlers were set to parse .html files as php files, you could just query out the entries from the database.

    Pertaining to your other question, I don’t quite know how to mess with the templates that much yet, but I think it could be done.

    If you want, try to catch me online this weekend and I might be able to walk you through the first part of your query.



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