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(Update from the below post……after posting the entry below, the problem went away again. I am really chasing my tail on this one. That freaked me out. I still don’t know exactly what change does the fix, but I am going to leave it for now. I wish there was an easier style manager plugin somehwhere, or better yet, a Dreamweaver MT template editor that lets you manipulate the location, style, and look of the MT tags on your page in a WYSIWYG mode, like the DataView mode in DW. )

(Later still: I had been trying to find the fix for this by uploading the style sheet changes, which I was assuming would show up on the page when I refreshed it. When I finally published this post, the problem disappeared again. Something about the rebuilding of the main index template (the home page) has to happen before the changes show up, although I’m not sure why, since the style sheets are called via linked CSS files, so that SHOULD happen when the css files change, right? I’m all ” corn-fused”)

I am having a nightmare of a time with my styles in MT. I noticed a while ago that my right side bar in IE is intruding over into the main content area. It should line up with a margin of 5 against the right side of the window. I made some changes to the style sheets (in MT, with Style Catcher, there is a base-weblog.css and a specific style sheet named , in this case, theme-theoblogicalOld.css that sits in my mt-static/themes/theme-theoblogicalOld directory. A while ago, I tweaked a few things and it seemed to work. Of course, I didn’t make a note of what I did. I just went on. On my next post, the problem reappeared. Something MT is adding into the template each time it writes the file. Now I can’t find what it was that I tweaked to duplicate the fix. Can anybody that might be able to see in my CSS files what the heck I’ve done, or what I need to change to fix this, I would be most appreciative. It might also be in my main index template, which I suppose one could get the basics from the Show Code of my home page (the home page is where the problem is happening)

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