Moving from “brand” into “Community”

You hear this all the time:  "Top-down, hierarchical, push method of communication is out, Social /interactive is in”. And that is true.  This IS the problem.  But saying that doesn’t get us there.  We have to be confronted with what it is that we ARE doing.  And when I look at what people are doing,  it is still very much Continue Reading

Leveraging the Power of the Theological Community #wiredchurch #smchurch @semanticwill @human3rror

I saw this tweet on my twitter stream this morning: From my buddy @brynn "“Social” can’t be solved by an algorithm" much respect #SxD link: And it caught my eye,  since it seemed to be a promising post on what I have been feeling is a crucial piece of what services like Twitter can make available to us:  Continue Reading

Creating Communities of Caring

Fom my favorite writer in the whole world, Elizabeth O’Connor: The primary purpose of the disciplines, structures of accountability and mission of the Church is to build life together, to create liberating communities of caring. To each of us is given a gift for the building of a community of caring, a community in which we can learn to embrace Continue Reading

Dependent Upon The Community that can teach me how to be in community

Hauerwas in this podcast (The Craft): “Only by creating expectations in you,  do I have any hope of living faithfully” This is the thought that keeps me going when I am tempted to say to myself “You have no right to criticize the church when you are unwilling to jump in and ‘endure it’ “.  Ideally,  I want to keep Continue Reading

Community as Groups of Individuals

I spied this article,  and the closing point about community seems to have a hint of individualism embedded in it,  for all its talk of the “community”.  I don’t think the author realizes it,  and perhaps a couple of years ago,  I wouldn’t have noticed it myself,  but look: A community is a living and breathing organism that changes with Continue Reading