Church of the Saviour and “Survival”

Kayla,  who is on staff of The Church of the Saviour, posted this comment to a post at Get

Interesting discussion. I am Gordon Cosby’s “associate” for want of a better word, and I’ll continue to serve as The Church of the Saviour’s central staff person. Just to clarify, our church (which has been composed of 9 independent faith communities for the past 15 years) is not ending…but we hope always to be “dying” to structures that don’t challenge us to make real the Real. Gordon, at 91.5 years of age, is not retiring from anything other than his weekly preaching. As long as God allows, he will be pouring himself out in various ministry efforts. And all of us will be listening for what God has in mind…as I hope all church communities are doing day by day by day. As Clarence Jordan said, following Jesus is to be continually dying and continually living.

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Survival is ,  for the Church of the Saviour, not what it means in the usual world of church.  As Kayla emphasizes,  it’s more about DYING and then LIVING,  as call would have it.  I was happy to see this ,  amongst all the questions about “what will happen?” and the post itself to which Kayla is commenting ,  along with some of the other comments,  which don’t quite grasp the significance of the Church’s long time “church growth” philosophy of “DYING” to old forms,  and the dying is not called for due to any dwindling of numbers,  but as a result of call and the activity of the Spirit in their midst. 

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