Church of the Saviour and “Survival”

Kayla,  who is on staff of The Church of the Saviour, posted this comment to a post at Get Interesting discussion. I am Gordon Cosby’s “associate” for want of a better word, and I’ll continue to serve as The Church of the Saviour’s central staff person. Just to clarify, our church (which has been composed of 9 independent faith Continue Reading

Didactic and Heady vs Emotional/Liturgical

In my previous post, I started speaking of “relational”; I saw this as a related piece of the “catholic” emphasis; as a piece of the emotional/liturgical/ as in: This [Protestant/Enlightenment/rational] shift manifests itself in the life of the church with the Reformation, which displaced the centrality of the Eucharist (a very tactile, affective, sensual mode of worship) and put the Continue Reading