Creating Communities of Caring

Fom my favorite writer in the whole world, Elizabeth O’Connor: The primary purpose of the disciplines, structures of accountability and mission of the Church is to build life together, to create liberating communities of caring. To each of us is given a gift for the building of a community of caring, a community in which we can learn to embrace Continue Reading

Lack of Church Stories on the Web

Long ago,  I was known to post frequently on the importance of churches having blogger/historians/journalers,  who post stories and reflections on their church community’s journey along the road of becoming authentic church. (I take this name in italics from an emphasis of the past 2 or 3 years amongst the Church of the Saviour communizes,  and a booklet they have Continue Reading

I Need To Be Able To See It Here

I am often frustrated that I I always seem to have to point to Washington DC and The Church of the Saviour as example.  I want something here,  to tell my own stories of experiences with a “community of character” (as in Hauerwas’ book title) ;  to write my own chapters of “Call to Commitment” , “Journey Inward, Journey Outward”,  Continue Reading