Commitment on the Potomac | TIME

 From an article on Church of the Saviour and Gordon Cosby in Time magazine, 1967

I found this interesting:

Although no fundamentalist, Cosby preaches a Scripture-centered faith, and his dramatic sermons are rooted in the Southern evangelistic tradition.

I wonder what the writer had in mind here.  For me,  Cosby goes WAY beyond “Southern evangelistic tradition”.  Far from being content with using Biblical words like “darkness” and assuming that people will know what we mean,  Cosby always identifies just what “darkness” is,  and often,  very UNLIKE Southern Evangelistic tradition,  clearly contrasts the Body of Christ, the church, with the culture and its covert theologies. 

Many people hear Gordon Cosby and say he “sounds conservative” because he uses Biblical terminology.  But his use of such is because this is the language ; the narrative language of the people of God formed in a new kind of community; a community that exposes the false representations that the world calls community.  Cosby speaks so often about the radically different kind of reality that exists wherever the church is present that it is extremely irrelevant to try and identify him as conservative or liberal. 

Commitment on the Potomac | TIME

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