The Universe Comes to Us Through People

 More gem-work from Gordon Cosby, who turned 90 this year,  and just as sharp and attuned as ever. 

Jesus, the world’s greatest realist, believed the universe was friendly. So, even with what I know about the power of darkness and the demonic as it expresses itself through people, I am going to connect as Jesus did and let people—all people, my kind and not ‘my kind’—be the instruments of God’s love and presence flowing into me. And I’m going to flow into them. To connect is to relax. It is to rest. It is to trust. It is to let down. It is to be cared for. It is to be nourished. For the most part, we are terribly isolated from people and we remain in a defensive stance toward those with whom we come in contact. To be alienated from people is to be alienated from God.

The Universe Comes to Us Through People at inward/outward

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