Style of Subversion: Being Radical On the Cheap

This is some great writing and challenging thinking about being “hip” We must resist the Powers (of consumerism, globalism, fashion, etc) even as we recognize this as a time to move towards a more faithful embodiment of the Gospel in our 21st century imperial context. The Commodification of Counter Culture One of the challenges in doing this is the way Continue Reading

Imagination Killer

I love this.  This has a lot to do with why I feel furthest from the church in America when I see Christians more apt to defend “America” from criticism than they are to uphold a particular theological dogma.  (And here, I include “dogmas” that are rightfully insisted upon “basics” of the faith of the church.  “The church has fallen Continue Reading

On How Jesus Messed Up My Life

When I did a Google on the phrasing of the Shane Claiborne quote,  I found this post. Another good one. I’m with Shane Claiborne. Forget all the stories about how Jesus made life better – by solving a debt problem or helping someone overcome some relatively mild vice. Truth is, Jesus is totally messing up my life. How Jesus Messed Continue Reading

Called Out to Stand Out

Just a few choice morsels from Jesus For President  (p. 228) The church is a people called out of the world to embody a social alternative that the world cannot know on its own terms. Ironic that so many people in the church adopt the categories and the “realism” of the world,  and become skeptics of the relevance of Jesus Continue Reading

Last Best Hope?

This country is still the last best hope on earth—Barack Obama on Letterman in 2007. Things like this provide me with the distance I need from the mania of the impressive campaign of Barack Obama,  and the “excitement” he has injected into the American political process.  I’m impressed with his speeches,  and I find myself feeling that this is what Continue Reading

Simply Enough by Campolo and Claiborne

This week I received my ordered copy of the DVD Simply Living: straight talk from Tony Campolo & Shane Claiborne on Simple, Just Living.   I enjoyed all of the specifics of their conversations,  but I was left frustrated on one score: I continue to see a lack of emphasis on the community in which this “simple, just living” takes place.  Continue Reading