Muddled report on Fox’s “fake riot” video used to report on Russian unrest

This report ,  as I watched it play out,  seems a little muddled.  I went to add this comment in their comment area,  but it had too many characters,  so I am bringing it over to the blog. this report got me to retweet it, just because it was Fox news being caught red-handed in distortion AGAIN. But the entire Continue Reading

Rupert Murdoch vs. The Web | Linux Journal @dsearls #wiredchurch

Doc Searls and his frequent insight into the sociology/business of the Web: Let’s face it: search engines are excellent kluges, invented to deal with a flaw in the Web’s original design: the lack of an easy way to make sense of its many directory paths. Since everything to the right of the first single / in every URL comprises a Continue Reading

O’Reilly Clueless About Blogs

Bill  O’Reilly continues to deride DailyKOS about COMMENTS on that blog.  COMMENTS,  of which there are more than 100 on nearly every post, at least 3 or 4 times a day.  The deception of this guy just sickens me (not so much that he is so sick,  but because he leads so many people astray with his “balance”.  He epitomizes Continue Reading

Stewart/Colbert viewers better informed about news of the day than Fox News viewers

A Pew Research report (behind a firewall here,  but summarized below) Pew judged the levels of knowledgeability (correct answers) among those surveyed and found that those who scored the highest were regular watchers of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and Colbert Report. They tied with regular readers of major newspapers in the top spot — with 54% of them getting Continue Reading