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Doc Searls and his frequent insight into the sociology/business of the Web:

Let’s face it: search engines are excellent kluges, invented to deal with a flaw in the Web’s original design: the lack of an easy way to make sense of its many directory paths. Since everything to the right of the first single / in every URL comprises a giant disorganized haystack, ways were found to locate needles there. Those ways, however, are extremely complex and now entirely in private hands. One can look at this and accept it, or come up with a sane public solution. This is what free and open source developers are good at. I’m betting that one or more of ya’ll will come up with a solution eventually.

Meanwhile, we need to get our priorities straight.

Here’s one of mine. Soon as Rupert Murdoch and company do a deal to keep their "content" out of anybody’s search engine, I’ll cease renewing my subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal — both online and in print.

Rupert Murdoch vs. The Web | Linux Journal

Not that I am positively inclined to trust much of anything coming from Murdoch’s kingdom.  But I am sure he has clout,  and that there is an impact there for all of us,  not just those of us who abhor Fox News. Like Doc’s mention of WSJ,  and other news outlets that feed from streams flowing through pipes where Murdoch has pull. 

This whole idea of attempting to strong arm flow of information just has me shaking my head and steaming “So typical of him”.  We report.  You decide.  Yeah. 


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