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Theology for the tragedy of unjust and unwarranted violence

Saint Paul tells us just this, “mourn with those who mourn, rejoice with those who rejoice”. It is in bearing one another’s heartache that we are moved towards justice and compassion. But if in the midst of suffering and grief we emerge unchanged, clothed not in resurrected newness, then we’ve failed to embrace the Kingdom of God. Instead, we’ve pushed truth to the wayside, sweeping war’s greatest casualty under the rug in an attempt to facilitate a false and obnoxious form of peace. We have done a disservice to the one we claim to follow, to him who is True Peace.

via TRUTH IS THE FIRST CASUALTY. — Theology of Ferguson — Medium.

I am appalled with the reaction of some churches,  mostly the deafening silence.  But also for the embarrassing trolling in which some church folks participate.  Such as where Church based News agencies cover the story,  and usually highlighting the work of members involved in standing with Ferguson in asking why no arrest, why the secrecy,  and why the obstinace of the police department when asked to account for their continued attempts to hide the truth from the start. (see http://www.umc.org/news-and-media/working-for-redemption-in-ferguson)

Instead of the “mourning with those who mourn”,  we see again the capitulation to the racist attitudes that apparently pervades the Ferguson Police Dept..  I know that online forums are the least of the important responses,  but I find it painful to see the comments dominated by trolling from people who apparently take their cue from Fox News and the Right wing trolls of Progressive sites,  people who don’t seem to have any kind of sensitivity to the racial strife,  except to see it as Fox does,  which is a “threat” to America somehow (the racism and corruption and violence is the real threat,  not the protests which seek to call America to account through the instance of Ferguson).

It disturbs me that so many apparently “let this go” and abandon the embarrassing display of surrender to disturbing attitudes to see within the church.  I would like to see a social presence there which makes it as hard to express those disturbing attitudes there as it would be in a predominantly African American congregation.

From the above article:

For confrontation must happen if justice is to prevail.

Such does not happen if we just say “leave it alone”.  As MLK said,  the privileged do not give up their privilege VOLUNTARILY. It must be  confronted and brought into the light.


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