Muddled report on Fox’s “fake riot” video used to report on Russian unrest

This report ,  as I watched it play out,  seems a little muddled.  I went to add this comment in their comment area,  but it had too many characters,  so I am bringing it over to the blog.

this report got me to retweet it, just because it was Fox news being caught red-handed in distortion AGAIN. But the entire report is a bit confusing and convoluted. It doesnt really make much sense out of why FOX wants this protest discredited. I think , and was assuming, that this was a protest very much akin to Occupy, and therefore a target especially since they are losing leverage on Occupy because of all the police brutality and peaceful demonstrations. They went hunting for \”usable\” footage in Russia, couldn;t find any, and so threw in some \”foreign images\” they figured noone would catch. What idiots.

Now there may well be other elements to this particular episode of the world of inane Fox News media.  This is just my “second impression” upon seeing this story.  This report went right into talking about making other countries look bad,  but I think it’s more complicated,  and tied to Occupy,  like I describe.  I’ll continue to look at this and see what various media people think about what’s going on here.

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