O’Reilly Clueless About Blogs

Bill  O’Reilly continues to deride DailyKOS about COMMENTS on that blog.  COMMENTS,  of which there are more than 100 on nearly every post, at least 3 or 4 times a day.  The deception of this guy just sickens me (not so much that he is so sick,  but because he leads so many people astray with his “balance”.  He epitomizes “imbalance”.  I rarely give a care about what this guy says,  but when I consider  his mysterious hold on so many Fox viewers (he’s really  the lead snark of the whole network, a “Rush Limbaugh equivalent” with similar methods),  I want to join Al Franken in making a list of all the things which demonstrate Bill’s supreme LACK of “fairness” and “balance”.  Bill is a model of Fox News’ concerted effort to produce unchecked propaganda through trickery and constant manipulation of right wingers fears.


Any blog that derides opponent blogs based on COMMENTS  only demonstrates how stupid they think their audience is.  One only need look over on a couple of blogs on beliefnet (those of David Kuo and Sojourner’s blog, God’s Politics) to find how little the COMMENTS reflect the actual posts,  often dominated by the same trolls day after day.  Does Bill have a blog and does it have comments?  Would he protest if his detractors used any of the comments as somehow reflective of the character of his blog? 


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