Church Needs to Do Some Sociological/Spiritual R&D with Social Media @human3rror #smchurch #wiredchurch

John Saddington has an article today that I just ate up.  It’s a call for the kind of attention to technology channels that moves WAY beyond the usual bandwagon “this is cool” , “try this and that and back to this”  approach. The Church’s future doesn’t sit with web technology alone, but it sure is important, and it’s going to Continue Reading

Rupert Murdoch vs. The Web | Linux Journal @dsearls #wiredchurch

Doc Searls and his frequent insight into the sociology/business of the Web: Let’s face it: search engines are excellent kluges, invented to deal with a flaw in the Web’s original design: the lack of an easy way to make sense of its many directory paths. Since everything to the right of the first single / in every URL comprises a Continue Reading