More on Participatory Church from @knightopia #occupytheology

Can we truly collaborate with religious “Nones” in the co-creation of new kinds of religious/faith communities? Or will our commitments to institutional structures or ecclesiological/denominational traditions keep us from experimenting together? I have thought about this, and if there is a possibility of saying YES, I see opportunity in the Occupy movement. This is a movement where it seems to Continue Reading

UM clergy, local churches join in Occupy protests #occupytheology

From the United Methodist Reporter: The Rev. Paige Eaves, pastor of Crescenta Valley UMC in Montrose, Calif., acknowledged she hesitated about getting involved in Occupy Los Angeles, “trying to figure out what the message of the movement was and if I could align myself with it as a clergyperson.” But soon she had concluded affirmatively. “It is obvious to me Continue Reading

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things –

The Rev. Sandy Gess: I find much in common from our faith tradition with the Occupy Movement. And, as an active participant and organizer with the Interfaith Tent @ Oakland, I draw inspiration from the Methodist tradition and our founder, John Wesley: “The world is my parish.” Wesley faced similar challenges as he responded to the crying needs of those Continue Reading

#occupyTheology and Advent | NCatholic Reporter

Deen Thompson posted this on his Facebook page this morning.  This is a great article, directly challenging the church to “wake up” to realize that in OWS we have something of great significance breaking in upon us.  And the church,  in its American domesticated state,  is oblivious to the THEOLOGICAL significance of it.  Here’s a direct call to join with Continue Reading

I Was Wrong About Occupy HT @micahbales #occupytheology #occupychurch

This morning at Liberty Square we had a small ceremony of thanksgiving. The quote from Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail made more sense than it ever has. And it has always made great sense. Many clergy hide behind “the anesthetizing security of stained glass windows,” he said in 1963. King was talking about space, even then. Continue Reading

Dumb Title: “Blogs Are Out, Social Networking Is In” #wiredchurch #smchurch

The title of this post sounds a bit clueless to me.  Blogs ARE a sizeable portion of Social Networking.  Blogs existed before just about EVERYTHING that is now thought of as “Social Networking”.  I think it would be more accurate to say that “Blogs are no longer the rage”,  or “Twitter and Facebook” are more popular than Blogs”.  Well, DUH.  Continue Reading

Gillmor Gang is Great Stuff @stevegillmor @scobleizer @kevinmarks @arrington #wiredchurch #smchurch

I just got through watching an archived episode of The Gillmor Gang from this past October (here),  and the discussion was about mostly Twitter data and interface (and a little Friend Feed thrown in). The guests were Loic Le Meur of Seesmic,  Laura Fitten founder of (a “Twitter app store” among other things)  and John Borthwick of BetaWorks (Tweetdeck Continue Reading

Geeky and Theological may have sounded trite, but I’m serious. Church and Social Media #smchurch #wiredchurch

I posted a tweet minutes ago: 2010 lays before me- What is God calling me to? Something Geeky and Theological. Techno-Theo Geek is available for work. Then I began to post a follow up (the title of this post), but as usual, the 140 character limit stopped me, so I came back to a post (whose title , in which Continue Reading

A question never revisited: Can you “DO Church” on Facebook? @jesserice #wiredchurch #smchurch

The podcast in my previous post had Steve Brown posing a question for after the break:  “Can we “do Church” on Facebook”,  but Steve never really re-posed that particular question when they got back. I think that a lot of people looked into the book out of that kind of expectation.  I think that we have a lot of people Continue Reading

Listening to Steve Brown interview Jesse Rice @jesserice #smchurch #wiredchurch

Listening to:  Download MP3 | Play in Popup Steve Brown Etc. » Blog Archive » The Church of Facebook – Jesse Rice on SBE A highlight /attention grabber in this podcast:   Jesse:” We’ll have to “relearn how to have intimacy face to face”.  That may sound stupid to some (ie elicit a “nah” )  ,  but I think there is Continue Reading

Re-Membering in a Hyperconnected World @jesserice #wiredchurch #smchurch

I’m just going to keep hitting this.  Despite my status as an online “evangelist”,  I am in agreement with Jesse Rice and his thesis in The Church of Facebook.  There is a need for us to engage in battle against those things about a hyperconnected world that would rob us of just a small portion of our humanity and wholeness Continue Reading

Church Needs to Do Some Sociological/Spiritual R&D with Social Media @human3rror #smchurch #wiredchurch

John Saddington has an article today that I just ate up.  It’s a call for the kind of attention to technology channels that moves WAY beyond the usual bandwagon “this is cool” , “try this and that and back to this”  approach. The Church’s future doesn’t sit with web technology alone, but it sure is important, and it’s going to Continue Reading