Geeky and Theological may have sounded trite, but I’m serious. Church and Social Media #smchurch #wiredchurch

I posted a tweet minutes ago: 2010 lays before me- What is God calling me to? Something Geeky and Theological. Techno-Theo Geek is available for work. Then I began to post a follow up (the title of this post), but as usual, the 140 character limit stopped me, so I came back to a post (whose title , in which Continue Reading

Problem with Church and Social Media #wiredchurch #smchurch

Developers without theology and theology without awareness/insight of tools we could leverage.  This is the impetus of my previous blog post.  We miss the boat on both ends.  We seemingly feel no qualms or danger in adopting the tools and use them in exactly the same way.  The people who could tell us about the possibilities that are out there Continue Reading

Call to Collaboration and Moderation @chrisbrogan #smchurch #wiredchurch

Chris Brogan had a post this week talking about what he sees coming (and already happening)  in Social Media.  “Foldups”;  joining forces.  Pooling skills.  If I’m right (so far so good), I would recommend looking for who you could team up with to build a better social business. I’d look for the skills you lack, the capabilities you could stand Continue Reading

We Are Hiring? (#churchsocial)

Where are the “theological developers” in the church culture?   This is not to say that any particular developer who is chosen by the Fellowship Network is not interested or passionate about theology of church,  but can’t we be a bit more focused on “passions” for the church as much if not more so than we are about Rails or MVC Continue Reading

on Obama and Wright

Oh my gosh,  my blogger friends have been absolutely poetic in their blogging over this Rev. Wright issue.  Anthony is terrifically articulate (not so unusual for him): those who are uncomfortable with the qualifier afro-centric Christian theology or black theology would do well to understand the historical and social reasons why black folks use these qualifiers.  They only reveal their Continue Reading