Church Needs to Do Some Sociological/Spiritual R&D with Social Media @human3rror #smchurch #wiredchurch

John Saddington has an article today that I just ate up.  It’s a call for the kind of attention to technology channels that moves WAY beyond the usual bandwagon “this is cool” , “try this and that and back to this”  approach. The Church’s future doesn’t sit with web technology alone, but it sure is important, and it’s going to Continue Reading

Great article:The rise and fall of MySpace @MattGarrahan #myspace #wiredchurch

Many highlights that stood out for me: The company also prided itself on being able to respond quickly to the needs and demands of its community, but once Murdoch had set the $1bn revenue target, putting the MySpace community first became more ­difficult. According to former MySpace executives, the advertising on the site was making it less compelling for users. Continue Reading

RT @gavoweb Facebook, MySpace Divide #churchsocial

Thanks Gavin for sharing this with us this morning,  and tweeting it for us.   Some choice tidbits: "I have friends who are white," says 19-year-old Diego Luna. "They are my white people friends and they are mostly on Facebook. That’s why I use Facebook. My brown people are on MySpace." The class laughs nervously at his description, and then they Continue Reading