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Deen Thompson posted this on his Facebook page this morning.  This is a great article, directly challenging the church to “wake up” to realize that in OWS we have something of great significance breaking in upon us.  And the church,  in its American domesticated state,  is oblivious to the THEOLOGICAL significance of it.  Here’s a direct call to join with a prophetic call (albeit one that has broken in from “the secular world”, but nonetheless one with which I feel God is looking to see how we respond as a church to the “context” in which we are called to minister.  Some of this is right on,  and there are things I think the church should be saying and doing to give “theological perspective” to what the masses are saying and what has compelled them to stand up and be present and begin to say “No More”.

we should remember that almost no one in the Gospel stories was actually awake for the first coming because it did not look like what they thought it should look like.
So I raised my hand in church, because I realized that at 12:01 a.m. my only plans were to be asleep, and said, \”Can I come with you and keep vigil?\” No one else in the church volunteered. The in-breaking of God\’s kingdom is always shrouded in mystery because we\’re mostly asleep and when we are asleep everything seems mysterious.


While much of the church sides with the status quo and joins  in with the Fox News’s of the world and makes sport of this movement and daily seeks to SMEAR it with misrepresentation and just plain ignorance of the actual philosophical (and theological) pillars of the movement,  there are growing numbers of church folks participating,  leading,  and becoming a part.  This is what has compelled me to create occupytheology.org  and making plans to expand my video coverage. The Theology of the Occupy movement has exploded upon the Social Mediasphere,  and  into the conversations taking place  in the occupations.  When I see articles like this making the connections between people’s movements and various church leaders calling uponthe church to become a voice within and FOR this movement,  I am hopeful.



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