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Can we truly collaborate with religious “Nones” in the co-creation of new kinds of religious/faith communities? Or will our commitments to institutional structures or ecclesiological/denominational traditions keep us from experimenting together?

I have thought about this, and if there is a possibility of saying YES, I see opportunity in the Occupy movement. This is a movement where it seems to me that the “spirtuality” of the “Nones” or the “secular” or the “agnostic” find that there is an inner passion that aligns with justice, and that the church has a natural solidarity with that (or it should have). If there were more churches stepping out to speak along WITH Occupy, and taking that opportunity to “theologize” with the “Nones”, I think that would go a long way toward reducing the dismissing the relevance of church. When we can talk about a better world out of our envisioning the Kingdom of God, there are numerous places where the visions of those mobilized by Occupy and the prayers of Christians for “thy Kingdom come” can be articulated. Although there are certainly many who will not come all the way over , this leaves the door open so they can “overhear” or catch on to an understanding of what we mean when we refer to the activity of God in the world.


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