New Social Bookmarking Applied: ShareThis

Found an alternative to AddThis.  It’s :

Share This

This plugin will allow your visitors to share your content via social bookmarking sites and/or e-mailing the post to a friend. This supports the Share Icon project. You can see it in action on my blog.

Download | README | SVN Repository

Latest Release: Version 1.4, 2007-01-25.

Plugged it in to my K2 driven WordPress scenario,  and YES!  It works just fine with my rolling archives (the Older to Newer pagination slidebar at the top of the white content area here).  Excellent.  I posted a bug report to the AddThis form,  and I’ll see if they respond.

(Update: I just noticed that this one doesn’t have a Facebook option.  Have to see if I can easily add it, or figure it out based on the others and the AddThis plugins code it uses for Facebook.)

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