Photo Test

01-01-05_2017 type some text….no,  this is still not right!   Ahhhhhhhhh!   Live Writer,  when will you get this right?  In WYSIWYG mode,  I ought to be seeing this text immediately to the right of the image,  since I have marked the image with align left.  It shows up correctly in the browser when I view it after publishing,  but isn’t “WYSIWYG” mode supposed to show me “what I get” with “what I see”?  btw,  this is a fairly old picture of my daughter Kelli from Jan of 2005.  She has grown up so much since then!

(Update:  10 minutes later…..the problem was that I had reinstalled my K2 theme,  and not done the “Refresh Theme” download in my Edit Blog Settings/Editing dialog.  Once I did this,  my WYSIWYG shows the correct layout.)

I’m a happy camper now!


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