Being more descriptive about “the love of God in Christ”

Okay, here’s an example, from the site’s “What We Believe” section. I pick on the UMC because this is what I identify as “My people” (since I could no longer say that about the Southern Baptists after a great “growing up” in that denomination prior to it’s dismantling as a diverse, loving, nurturing “home” as it turned to doctrinaire, Continue Reading

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Hillary refuses to talk transcripts AGAIN, after repeated requests to answer the question

Hillary flatly refused to answer the question about the Goldman Sachs speech transcripts, after REPEATED insistent repeating of the question (by Dana Bash. See here ). What exactly is this? Is this acceptable? It’s quite concerning if you want to place candidate transparency at any level of importance. JUST ANSWER the question, Hillary. This should be a HUGE, AWFUL demerit Continue Reading

To my “Progressive” friends in the political and theological worlds

I would like to see many, many more of my Progressive friends take a cue from the Climate Denial of the Political and Religious Right, by not stopping short by just listing that denial as one of many things that can be criticized and ridiculed about them, and start doing the opposite of denial, by really accepting the reality of Continue Reading

The “angry” characterization of Bernie supporters really makes me angry

I’m so sick of “Emo Prog”, “angry” characterizations, which leave me feeling that it is “politically uncorrect” to be angry at what has happened to our bought and sold “Democracy” (and there,  I revealed my own ANGER.  Please set aside your “measured” position and look at just why this anger exists,  and spare me the argument that it is “extreme”, Continue Reading