super theological-techological nerdy places

I’m in one of those super theological-techological nerdy places today (one of those “places” of the mind/spirit) where I have, as a result, a deep sense of exile from the church AND techno-nerdism, since the two “places” rarely ever meet in either of the “other’s” domain. This really started in full form when I began working in denominational Web departments Continue Reading

What would be worse than a Trump presidency? To continue on with “business as usual”

While I wholeheartedly agree with the dangers of a Trump presidency, I cannot (as I have said many times of late) avoid the nagging question of what is going to happen to us if we don’t work seriously toward asking very hard questions about what we have to change and work toward, ecologically, starting NOW. No, not by 2025, or Continue Reading

Let’s bring that “Trump aversion” level energy to the Climate Crisis!

If we all became as shocked and appalled at the state of the Ecosystem as we are at the fact that Donald Trump has been nominated by a major political party, we just might begin to actually do something! (BTW, I absolutely DO think it’s appalling what this guy is communicating and representing. That’s OK , isn’t it? Can I Continue Reading

The Road to Ecological Civilization: An Illustration Graphic

A little illustration I sketched out , addressing what is wrong with the “Lesser of two evils”, from an eco-perspective. (Notice also that the longer we drive straight up this road, the “sharper left” becomes the more direct route toward Ecological Civilization (this is an intended pun, in that the route toward ecological civilization will require increasingly radical shifts away Continue Reading

If we think Trump would be bad, just think….

The previous post about the “Climate CRISIS denial of the left” is closely related to why I have been so insistent in my opposition to the widespread capitulation of those on the left to the “lesser of two evils” fallacy. Hillary Clinton embodies in both her past performance and present “claims” and “plans” that she just doesn’t get it. She Continue Reading

The “Climate CRISIS denial” of the Left

There is certainly a big difference between the outright Climate Change denial of the Right, and the “Climate CRISIS denial” of the Left. The former is simply capitulation to the economic status quo (which gets taught to them by “social osmosis” via their “auto-import” of GOP politics, which is motivated by the GOP’s dependence on Fossil fuel money. The Christian Continue Reading