“Soft Denial” is a big problem for some Progressive/Liberals

This is a problem we have even in the “sane” side of responses to the Ecological Crisis. We have what I have been calling “soft denial”, which “recognizes that we have a problem, but somehow hasn’t let it sink in that it is far worse than what would be headed off by “incremental solutions”, which have gotten us far on issues that , in the past, we have started a cultural and societal shift in values and assumptions. We “had time” to “build” in steps, even taking decades, or a century or two, to eliminate things like slavery, child labor, subjugation of women, the right to a basic education. But we simply don’t have much time at all. Not even “decades”. (Originally posted in my Facebook timeline, at Dale Lature36 mins )

This is another good and excellent articulation of the folly of “middle ground ism”:

“The middle ground” on climate change will lead to global disruption at a scale we can scarcely imagine. Rising seas, desertification, floods and hurricanes will drive migration, war, and economic collapse. The middle way is not the middle way. The middle way is a death sentence. Thanks, Joe Biden, for your application to the role of President of the United States, your services will not be needed. — Jeremy John at https://www.facebook.com/glassdimly/posts/10157404160739515

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