Facing our future with a dose of cold hard reality

“The planet on which our civilization evolved no longer exists. The stability that produced that civilization has vanished; epic changes have begun. We may, with commitment and luck, yet be able to maintain a planet that will sustain some kind of civilization, but it won’t be the same planet, and hence it can’t be the same civilization. The earth that we knew—the only earth that we ever knew—is gone.”
— McKibben, Bill. Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet . Henry Holt and Co.. p.27.

The above is that harsh reality that we must face, with humility , since it is the choices of humankind that have brought us here. If one rejects the belief that “God will not let this happen” (which I do, since God has long given the human the choice, from the very beginning, and humans continue to choose pride and making themselves “like God”, and choosing a purpose OTHER than ” to till and to keep”). The notions of this world tell us that “success” looks a certain way, and theologies are built around the defense of those “ways”. This is certainly a “Holy Conversation”. What to do, short of capitulation in the face of such long odds that humans don’t end up taking the path that will lead to extinction? “Blasphemy” some will say to this notion. That defies “purpose”. We must ask, though, “whose purpose”? Given the long history of humankind (and the Scriptures recount this from the very beginning as Adam and Eve start the cycle of rebellion, exile, restoration, redemption. We have to face the reality of all of those steps, and address our contemporary versions of this rebellion, which leads to an exile/destruction.

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