Intervention on behalf of life?

I have never believed in invading other countries, except when it is clear that massive numbers of lives are at stake (such as in WWII***). But we might invoke it in this case of the burning of the Amazon forests, along with other countries who might also care enough of the danger this poses to the globe.

The global consequences of this are so , well, “global”. They extend far beyond local consequences. The region is a crucial producer of oxygen & sequester-space for carbon (which is going to be “un-sequestered” in a big way by all this burning). It’s horrific to ponder.

*** although the methods of, say, the U.S. , can certainly be questioned/condemned , such as the bombing of Dresden

(Update, 5:09 am) Just as the evil-bigot Trump stokes the fires of hatred in the U.S. trhough his “MAGA” brigades, the Brazilian President has his “MBGA” farmers who are literally destroying massive portions of the world’s lungs by burning the forests to “clear the land” for agribusiness. Evil incarnate!

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