Toward a genter, kinder, “smaller living” world

I am just starting to look into this, but the Green New Deal should also provide for launching us into a housing infrastructure campaign to get tiny homes into the mainstream. It seems that this is yet another area that indicates that we need a New Economy that thinks differently about how we need to live into the future.

Tiny homes that are completely sufficient for 1 or 2 people , and far less energy hungry, and run completely from renewable sources, are ready to spread. Along with the call for Solar and Wind energy production, we need a call for rational housing that challenges this notion that we have to live in 2000+ square feet. Many are already finding that we can live just fine in 10% or less of that.

We have to see this as “Progressive”, because our progress will be mightily slow without that kind of thinking. This should become even more of a “dogma” in the “Minimalist” movement than it already is. I’ve taken a big step toward this future with getting a car that will run 95%-99% electric (55-69 miles per full charge on the battery) with my 2018 Chevy Volt.

I now need to get into what I hope will be a Tiny Home Community as we humans embark on this journey to an “Ecological Civilization”. Going tiny is a huge help toward the goal of Net Zero homes. Everyone cannot afford to run their larger spaces this way. And we need to get used to the idea of “Getting Small” (with a nod to that comic favorite of mine when I was in college, Steve Martin )

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