Democrat leadership doesn’t think Climate Crisis belongs “on stage”

“If you are a major 2020 candidate and you say you have to skip either the CNN or MSNBC climate forums because you’re “too busy,” I would argue that you most likely don’t grasp the scale, scope, or importance of the climate threat” — @EmilyAtkin on Twitter

Far too many churches—especially those partial to the Religious Right, simply ignore it unless they are bragging about how silly or sinister all this “sciencey stuff” is— act as if there are numerous far more important things happening and little to none of it seems to be at all concerned with what keeps accelerating , seemingly everyday. There comes a point where the public awareness and concern will cause people to see how very disengaged the churches are from this.

If it is claimed that it is too divisive, then they might as well give up the idea that the gospel may require confronting the world . Interference/confrontation from ethics or morals is not something the church rightfully decides is too risky to do. We don’t , in Progressive circles even suggest that we “back off” of addressing race relations, the plight of immigrants, the full inclusion of GLBTQ (at least those are the ones most often identified as key social issues), and yet on the ecological crisis, it seems like this is “optional”.

This HAS to be “on the debate stage” of theological communities, and met head on. Else, we neglect our standing for life abundant for EVERYONE, including and especially those mentioned above. That should not be an optional thing.

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