Opinion | Biden’s all-EV dream lives on, despite a lack of sales or feasibility – The Washington Post

The Biden administration’s costly and coercive crusade to replace internal combustion vehicles (ICVs) with electric vehicles (EVs) is disproportionate to its minuscule climate impact. Source: Opinion | Biden’s all-EV dream lives on, despite a lack of sales or feasibility – The Washington Post Compared to the cost of continued fossil fuel emissions? ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS, people. Ecological costs are REAL and Continue Reading

The Great Work of Ecological Civilization

Someone just tweeted a link to Bill McKibben’s first Climate book, “The End of Nature”, which was published/released Jan. 1, 1989. Their tweet said “Should have listened to you in 1989”. It got me thinking about how that was just a couple of months prior to the birth of our first child. And it was prior to the Internet becoming Continue Reading

Reframing Thanksgiving: An Opportunity For Reconstruction

From Brad Davis on the blog at Accidental Tomatoes: Later this week I’ll make the approximately thirty-mile drive south to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. Once there we’ll do what we always do: gather around the dinner table to partake in a royal feast, watch football (in between the dozing off stemming from gastrological overdose), and tell stories Continue Reading

Toward a genter, kinder, “smaller living” world

I am just starting to look into this, but the Green New Deal should also provide for launching us into a housing infrastructure campaign to get tiny homes into the mainstream. It seems that this is yet another area that indicates that we need a New Economy that thinks differently about how we need to live into the future. Tiny Continue Reading

Reading “Judgment” passages

Far too many evangelicals have been deceived into thinking that the Apocalyptic judgments are for “other people” and not for them, since they have “asked Jesus into their heart” and therefore escape those judgments.

Gnostic heresy is earth killing

The Ecological Crisis represents what is the most direct assault and consequence of the disengagement from life of the gnostic heresy. To segregate salvation and spirituality into some “internal” transaction is a false move and a distortion of the gospel of Jesus. For sure, there are things happening “within us” as we engage the world from within The Kingdom of Continue Reading

Bad headlines

This headline is woefully inadequate. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/2019/09/22/no-one-seemed-to-notice-greta-thunbergs-critique-of-the-green-new-deal But hey, that’s headlines for you. It’s not specifically “Green New Deal”. It’s the political game around it, which has become “IT” because “it” is the present expression of the urgency brewing in the “left” ranks. But many of the people behind the Green New Deal would be the first to tell you that Continue Reading

Doing something about Climate Change is “Gospel”

“The gospel call to love one’s neighbor is, in our time and place, most fully a call to do something about climate change,” he said, “because at the moment, we’re drowning our neighbors, sickening our neighbors, making it impossible for our neighbors to grow food.” — Bill McKibben  ?The dominant theological issue?: Environmentalist Bill McKibben wants your pastor at the Continue Reading

The missing category of home building

This: Downsizing the American Dream: The new trend toward ?missing middle housing? After years of focusing on the upscale market, developers are addressing the need for smaller homes. www.washingtonpost.com   This whole idea is moving in the right direction, but this “missing market” seems right smack dab in the middle, not moving even further toward what we REALLY need, and Continue Reading

Ecological Crisis a “niche issue”?

Clueless characterization of the ecological crisis: “Niche”. Denial straight-up. Not an “issue” , as in “one among many” to accept or reject. Either you accept science and act accordingly (as we naturally do with doctors, taking their diagnoses seriously, even when getting “second opinions” – we still do not forsake the field of medical expertise). “{Trump officials were} complaining the Continue Reading