The missing category of home building


After years of focusing on the upscale market, developers are addressing the need for smaller homes.


This whole idea is moving in the right direction, but this “missing market” seems right smack dab in the middle, not moving even further toward what we REALLY need, and what this world needs: MUCH, MUCH smaller “homes” (and so a resulting growth in “third places” and public spaces). We’ve become so obsessed with making our homes into our entertainment hubs, we are losing that social impetus to collaborate at a time when we need collaboration desperately. I’m talking more like TINY homes, but even a move in that direction from the 1200-2000 square feet down to 500 and less. The energy cost savings can be significant. Tiny home owners are seeing electric bills for all-electric powered homes and appliances a fraction (10% and less) of what the “typical home” sees (and even less, down to zero, since the very doable solar/wind can provide all of it, given the much smaller task of heating/cooling the much smaller dwelling).


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