Op-Ed Columnist – Obama at the Precipice – NYTimes.com

When this showed up in my twitter search on @timespeople (The NYTimes social networking startup)   my expectation was that it was a piece by some conservative all a flutter with glee over “all the Obama political trials”….but it was Frank Rich,  so I read on…..and it’s talking Afghanistan,  and so I continue reading: As Goldstein said to me last week, Continue Reading

The Herald-Sun – Bolton Obama naivete overwhelming

John Bolton’s logic here is what I call overwhelming—overwhelming in the sense that such thinking can be considered useful or sane in international relations……but not surprising , knowing Bolton, or the neocons.   Right now, the U.S. faces a situation concerning Iran with "very little time remaining," Bolton said, suggesting that the only viable alternative was to use pre-emptive force, probably Continue Reading

Obama’s Trust Problem – NYTimes.com

Krugman writes yesterday some things about the Obama we’re seeing,  and I tend to agree.   … there’s a point at which realism shades over into weakness, and progressives increasingly feel that the administration is on the wrong side of that line. It seems as if there is nothing Republicans can do that will draw an administration rebuke: Senator Charles Continue Reading

Obama has little choice

I agree with this,  with maybe a “smidgen” more confidence than Fitch has with Obama (but not by much) there are people who argue intelligently that the recent "Government bailout of Wall Street" was a capitulation to socialism. And the real reason that this happened was because we allowed the government to intrude into free markets forcing the banks and Continue Reading


Not that our troubles are over,  but I breathe a big sigh of relief that the “permanent Republican majority” envisioned by Karl Rove is history and on the trash heap.   I am proud of who our president is for the first time since the early Clinton days (and much more hopeful than I was even then).  But that “hopefulness” is Continue Reading

Incredible Blindness of Conservative Evangelical Politics

The following snip from a Pew article about Obama and United Methodists has me shaking my head: About 200 miles south, at Faith Community Church of West Chester, the Rev. Norm Coleman said he likewise plans to vote for the Arizona senator. "I don’t know about Obama’s Christianity, that’s what brings me into question about him." Religion News (RSS): Obama Continue Reading

RNC speakers make fun of "Community Organizing"

This just made these people look incredibly STUPID, nauseatingly condescending,  and STUPID STUPIDF STUPID.  And STUPID.  What an a-hole thing to do.  This is ignorance at its worst ,  and lets the cat out of the bag revealing their very real and disturbing attitude toward change,  and involving the people who need that change most.  This blogger gives us some Continue Reading

The Raw Story | Biden attacks McCain’s ‘7 kitchen tables’

This is a great opening “comebacker” for the McCain ads attacking Obama for being of all things, “elitist”. As Joe Biden spoke today for the first time as Barack Obama’s running mate, he used the opportunity to attack John McCain, distancing himself from the Republican opponent he has called a friend. After an introduction from Obama, Biden launched into a Continue Reading

Google Reader’s Shared Items

I have recently rediscovered Google Reader,  and I like the “Shared Items” thing that I have added to my sidebar to the right.   It allows me to “mark” articles found in my RSS feeds for “highlighting” and display in a public “Shared Items” section.   I just added one this morning and added a “Note” to it,  but was a little Continue Reading

The Macro Change

“Macro-change via the church rather than the state” — Chris Haw mentions this toward the end of this hour and 12 minutes of this video….which is a great session,  I heard some stories I hadn’t heard yet… We have indeed been indoctrinated in America with the myth of “America” and the promise of “America” as some sort of spiritual force Continue Reading

Moyers on Wright Mess

Moyers on Wright Stuff Moyers is brilliant as usual. I was disappointed on several fronts with all this stuff. I was disappointed that Wright’s comment to Moyers, about Obama “doing what politicians do” , which was not something I initially took as a negative (because I agreed with him on that)  was something at which  Obama took great offense,  feeling that Continue Reading

Hillary Campaign Running on Fumes

And they act like it,  since they are drugged up on their “whopping” Pennsylvania victory,  which was yet another “huge win” that will prove to be way too little,  even WAYER too late,  for there are not enough states left to net her to within even 100 delegates of Obama.  Sorry Hil-ROD.  You smell what BARACK is cookin’? (stole that Continue Reading

Pennsylvania Governor Has Pretty Low View of "Conservative Whites"

A good comparison test case: let’s look at the real condescension. Let’s look at the real and ULGY form of condescension by surrogates for the Clinton campaign: “You’ve got conservative whites here, and I think there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate,” Who said that? That was Gov. Ed Rendell who is Continue Reading