Jesse Jackson's tears of joy

Not that our troubles are over,  but I breathe a big sigh of relief that the “permanent Republican majority” envisioned by Karl Rove is history and on the trash heap.   I am proud of who our president is for the first time since the early Clinton days (and much more hopeful than I was even then).  But that “hopefulness” is not without recognition that this is going to be tough,  and I won’t be surprised to see conservative bumper stickers that say “I told you so” within the first year of Obama’s first term.
But I am so glad that on Jan. 20th,  we will see what will truly be “The End of an Error” (as the Dem bumper stickers say).  What a disaster,  and what incompetence and corruption.  That so many allowed themselves to be convinced that anything that still has connections to anything in this administration will be of any good to them,  considering the extent of the corruption and deception to which we were subjected for the past 8 years,  I am just flabbergasted.  And today,  something that even tops that:  Ted Stevens is leading in his senate election race in Alaska (albeit by a small margin) AFTER BEING CONVICTED of multiple felonies.  How does that come even close to happening?  Incredible. Right now, though, I’m looking for a pic from last night of Jesse Jackson with tears on his face at the Obama victory speech. (update: obviously, I found it)

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