Hillary Campaign Running on Fumes

And they act like it,  since they are drugged up on their “whopping” Pennsylvania victory,  which was yet another “huge win” that will prove to be way too little,  even WAYER too late,  for there are not enough states left to net her to within even 100 delegates of Obama.  Sorry Hil-ROD.  You smell what BARACK is cookin’? (stole that one from the candidate’s WWE spots)

after last night’s results, Clinton has gained a grand total of 5 pledged delegates from the states that have voted from March 4th on. That’s not enough to even have a remote shot of winning the pledged delegate count, and with the state with the most pledged delegates left (North Carolina, with 115) leaning heavily towards Obama…well, you get the idea.

Hillary Clinton didn’t win Pennsylvania by a big enough of margin last night – plain and simple.

Daily Kos: PA delegate allocation: Clinton 84, Obama 74 (updated)

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