Imagination Killer

I love this.  This has a lot to do with why I feel furthest from the church in America when I see Christians more apt to defend “America” from criticism than they are to uphold a particular theological dogma.  (And here, I include “dogmas” that are rightfully insisted upon “basics” of the faith of the church.  “The church has fallen Continue Reading

The Macro Change

“Macro-change via the church rather than the state” — Chris Haw mentions this toward the end of this hour and 12 minutes of this video….which is a great session,  I heard some stories I hadn’t heard yet… We have indeed been indoctrinated in America with the myth of “America” and the promise of “America” as some sort of spiritual force Continue Reading

‘Believing’ in Barack

I mentioned this post of Charlie’s earlier this week.  I think this post raises something that is certainly (or should be) an issue with American Christians. His values overlap with my own more than any other major candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime. I really hope that Barack is elected president. But I won’t be voting for him. I won’t Continue Reading

Faith in America

An excellent post from Jamie Smith,  on the "faith" that is patriotism if Mitt Romney was looking to quell concerns about his religion, I think he’s performed admirably! He has indicated, in no uncertain terms, that he is an “Americanist” like almost every other presidential candidate (from I don’t care which side of the aisle). He is an American before Continue Reading