Pennsylvania Governor Has Pretty Low View of "Conservative Whites"

A good comparison test case:

let’s look at the real condescension. Let’s look at the real and ULGY form of condescension by surrogates for the Clinton campaign:

“You’ve got conservative whites here, and I think there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate,”

Who said that?

That was Gov. Ed Rendell who is a Clinton surrogate a and whose machine is trying to turn out the vote in Pennsylvania for CLinton.

Think about that, this is the Clinton backer and Gov. who is saying that many in his state are too racist and too backwards to vote for (gasp) a black man. Where is the outrage over that Hillary? Where are the stern condemnation and calls of apologizing for offending small town America by calling them ignorant racists who refuse to vote for a black man?

That is what real condescension sounds like. That is the type of “elitism and condescension towards hardworking Americans” which truly is “nothing short of breathtaking.”

Daily Kos: State of the Nation

Is what Rendell said true?  I would think so. Is this “elitist” or condescending?  More so,  it seems ,  than Obama’s remarks.  Is this “bitter-gate” stuff something that sounds like what a  whole lot of Democrats talk about in similar fashion?  It seems so.  Most are saying the Clintons were amongst them.  Am I very suspicious that Hillary would say,  or HAS said, to her “audience”,  the exact same kind of stuff?  Absolutely.

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2 Replies to “Pennsylvania Governor Has Pretty Low View of "Conservative Whites"”

  1. Theoblogical Post author

    Actually, although it was too careless of him to assume this would not happen, this was a meeting of his supporters, and this one happened to also be a reporter, who said she felt “obgligated” to release it. Strange thing for an Obama supporter to do. But yeah, a dumb move.

  2. Earl

    Obama made the mistake of speaking without thinking. Could he have really imagined that his comments would not be recorded? Could he have really imagined that such a statement would not then be used by his opponent? What in the world was he thinking? Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe he wasn’t thinking.

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