Another Summer Vacation

The four of us spent 5 days up in Cincinnati at Janet’s parent’s house,  and did a day of King’s Island,  a couple of Reds games ,  and I spent a little time helping out remotely at work (maybe 4 hours or so).  It was a hot weather week. 

Now it’s about to be back to work time.  My blogging is sparse,  as it has been over the past couple of months (rarely more than once a week).  I could have this past week,  but I just didn’t see much that got me going on anything.

Frankly,  I’m in one of those periods when I feel pretty bored (and boring).   I’ve been much more of a couch potato (which can’t be good),  and it pains me a bit to even post anything like this,  but I am not in some sort of “blog-o-batical” or anything;  no self-enforced “abstention”,  so I’m trying to keep the “blog juices” going (or even give them a “jump”).  Let’s see what’s been happening out there (and oh yeah,  I’ve been REALLY bored with politics.  I just wanna get to November as far as that goes,  and get the criminal Bush administration out,  and see how we do at “rebuilding” after they’ve gutted the infrastructure and sent us in into an economic recession.   (There,  that got me going a little bit right there).

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